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Diaz father looks set for release

As Luis Diaz heads to France with the Liverpool squad for their Europa League clash with Toulouse on Thursday evening, there appears to be developments in the rescue of his kidnapped father in Colombia.

Luis Manuel Diaz, was taken along with his mother Cilenis Marulanda by the National Liberation Army on 28th October. His mother was later released but his father Luis Manuel Diaz remains missing.

The ELN has promised to release him but are unhappy with the Colombian government’s military presence in the Perija Mountains, where he is thought to be held.

“This is in their hands and we trust it will be soon,” said chief negotiator Otty Patino, “There will no doubt be problems, but things are on the right track.”

We have intentionally avoided providing updates on this story in recent days because of the lack of verification in some of the stories coming out of Colombia, but this does appear to be a genuine breakthrough and we are all hoping for a positive outcome very soon.