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Former Red has his say on Henderson return rumours

The word on the street is that Jordan Henderson is looking for a return to the Premier League after failing to settle at Saudi club Al Ettifaq.

The 33-year-old midfielder cost Al Ettifaq around £13m and they are reported to be paying him a weekly wage of around £350,000.

A move back to Liverpool would be highly unlikely, considering his age and the reaction he would receive and Jurgen Klopp has also distanced himself from any suggestion of a return.

Former Liverpool player and manager Graeme Souness has jumped in with his opinion of the situation.

“He would have known about the climate in Saudi Arabia, and known he was going to a much inferior league given the Premier League is the best one out there,” he said.

“I would imagine if they were top of the league and he was being well received as a player they thought they were getting, we would not be talking about this. I think it is a combination of him having a miserable time, and because the club has underachieved.”

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