Blank Weekend

It’s been one of those weekends again. They don’t usually come up very often these days, with fixture congestion becoming such a big problem. However, a weekend off when most other clubs are playing feels very strange.

I potter around the house not knowing what to do with myself. I catch up on household chores and have a quick look at the results on Sky Sports News later on, but it doesn’t feel right.

Some will say that these are just like international weeks, which we have several times per season, but they aren’t. Other clubs are still playing and title contenders are catching up, while all we can do as Liverpool fans is sit and watch.

I know its just how the fixtures are arranged and that there will be a time when we get our chance to stretch the lead at the top of the Premier League even further, but right now I can feel Man City brething down our necks and our impetus risking being diminished.

I’m sure Jurgen Klopp feels differently. He will be glad of the break and see it as an opportunity to rest his players, even if it is only for a week. It also comes at a time when Mo Salah and Watartu Endo are away on international duty, thus reducing their number of missed games by one at least.

Having said all that, I still can’t wait for the Reds to be back in action. I just hope we regain the form we had before the enforced break and bounce back with a win at Bournemouth next Sunday!

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