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Stop The Hate, Stand Up, Report It

Liverpool FC are launching a new social media campaign – Stop The Hate, Stand Up, Report It – that calls upon fans to report racism, abuse and discrimination online.

The campaign aims to encourage both fans and the wider community to stand up for and support those who are on the receiving end of such abuse and take definitive action by reporting it directly to the club and relevant social media platforms.

The club has put a new online reporting system in place here

“Liverpool Football Club has such a rich heritage, and it is thanks to the diverse range of talented players that have played for the club over the years that has enabled us to achieve great success,” said CEO Billy Hogan. “We have been lucky as a club to see some of the greatest players from all corners of the globe, different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures don a Liverpool shirt.

“Despite this, sadly, our players and indeed footballers across the world continue to be on the receiving end of appalling abuse, which not only affects them personally but everyone around them. This is not just about football; it is not acceptable that anyone in society is targeted in this cowardly way and it must stop. We know our fans are passionate about an inclusive club and one which welcomes everyone and therefore we are asking them to come together to stamp out discrimination.

“We all need to lead the change together by calling out abuse when we encounter it and take action by reporting it. This, along with greater consequences for those responsible for the abuse, will help to fight for zero tolerance.”

This weekend the club and players will join others to switch off their social media accounts from 3pm Friday to midnight Monday in a show of solidarity against online abuse and discrimination. We will be joining them in the blackout along with several other media sources.

Hopefully those with the power to make change within the social media companies will act to help eradicate online hate and provide the tools needed for us to all play our part in silencing those responsible for it.

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