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Bobby Duncan fiasco blows up on Twitter

Bobby Duncan’s agent has issued a statement on Twitter accusing Liverpool Football Club of ‘mentally bullying’ Bobby Duncan and trying to ‘destroy his life’.

Jamie Carrgher was quick to comment, condemning Rubie for making the accusations and criticising the advice he is giving the young player.

The club have since issued a statement, via James Pearce

“Liverpool Football Club is aware of and disappointed by the unattributed comments and unfounded allegations that have been made in the media regarding one of our players.

“As the interests of the player in question are not best served by either inaccurate speculation, inflammatory statements or public discourse, we will be making no further comment.

“We will, however, continue our efforts to work privately with the player to find resolution in the best interests of all involved.”

We all hope that Bobby is getting the help and support he needs for any mental problems he is facing at the moment and also hope the matter can be resolved quickly and amicably.

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