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So What’s The Fuss About Anfield Then?

By Red In Holland

Every replay I have ever seen, gives me the goosebumps, every replay I am there in my Kop, in the Spion Kop of Anfield, not some plastic wannabee shopping mall, but there in the middle of something aesthetically pure, which is the nearest you can describe the love of football emanated from a section of fanatical fans which have inhabited a stretch of ground and made it their own for the last 50 years.. more years of course, but 50 I am fuckin sure of.

Shankly lifting his arms to us, and being passed around by us. One of us, and using that to get to us, and making himself even more a hero by using us to make Liverpool FC great.

Flowers covering Anfield pitch…tears covering Anfield pitch and linking Red fans to Anfield soil forever.

Elisha Scott, Billy Liddell….played there. Dalglish, Heighway, Rush, Keegan.. scored there. Yates, Smith, Hansen.. Hyppia and Henchoz, Fortress, by fuck we are a fortress.. We bent in prayer to them. Bjornebye, Babb…we suffered them and still held true in spite of them…at Anfield where we were dodging their passes in the crowd.

Their buried our folk there…so they can still go the game…and they still can follow their heroes. Many an urn and ashes hallow our ground at Anfield, L4. The eternal flame for our 96 burns there, and Shanks watches over them.

Inter Milan fell at our ground. As Roma were ripped apart as the top team of serie A were decimated by our Redmen, in what was probably the best and last showing of our Reds in rec4ent years at Anfield.. so for fucks sake… REMEMBER IT !!!!! You were fuckin lucky to witness it. It is legend already.

Opposing teams hate to come to us. Opposing teams want to be drawn to play us at Anfield. Why ?? Because it is the best place to play football. All players badly paid or overpaid, one thing in common, they love football. Where do they want to play football at its finest.. at Anfield. Coz, people.. Anfield has earned its right to be called the finest venue to play football at.

We, and the LFC supporters before us, have made the name of Anfield world-reknown. I am biased, totally. So I can say freely that we are the best, most innovative, creative, and most loyal and devoted, and fairminded.. Alan E will correct me for what I missed out.. oops, witty and sarcastic, (phew, Al would have roasted me there). Oh yeah, we were always, for the most part, fuckin happy too. Coz we ruled, mostly.

History isn’t the lines of text that describes an object or place. It’s the feeling you get when you enter a sphere of concentrated and dedicated worship. Its adoration of a place that gives life to dreams that the worshippers imbue into it over decades of faith and unstinting support. It’s memories that are lived and passed on. Its the place where we know that our enemies are scared to meet us at.. because the last thing they see before facing us is one sign.. THIS IS ANFIELD.

Will we be able to say that at our next location?.

Anfield…what is all the fuss about??

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