My Anfield

By Peter Etherington

They wanna take away my Anfield and put us in a park.
Or move us out to God knows where. No wonder I’m in a nark
They wanna take away my Spion Kop. Rip away my soul
And sit me in the Carlsberg stand in some soulless bowl.

They wanna take away the Main Stand, Kemmy, Paddock and Road End
And take away the memories of bunking over the Boys Pen.
They wanna take away the chippies and the burger stalls
And make us eat in Maccies between four concrete walls.

They wanna take away my Albert, Sandon, Park and Harry.
And who’s the “brains” behind all this? That good old Scouse Rick Parry!
They wanna take away our pre match drink in all our favourite pubs
And make us drink inside the ground like Stoke and other clubs.

They wanna take away our “hat, cap, scarves and badges” and the memories they gave us
And make us pay in Liverworld for their overpriced favours.
It’s even been said, “We can share grounds.” This screen might be made of smoke.
Of all the daft ideas this one’s the biggest joke!

“We need seventy thousand seats,” is the cry that goes around.
Come on lads, think again! We can’t even fill this ground!
“Yeah but we can never get tickets for Anfield. They go to Norwegians and Chinks.”
Well try getting off your arse and have a bash. You might get more than you think!

“Man United is the club with which we must compete!”
Err.. excuse me but Liverpool’s the club that I drink, sleep and eat.
I don’t care about Man United. I couldn’t give a toss.
It’s the Liverbird upon my chest that makes me feel boss.

I don’t support Liverpool because I wanna compete with Mancs.
I wouldn’t swap my seat in the Kop for all the money in their banks!
I love my team. I love my club. Of that there is no doubt.
Please think about my love for Anfield before you move us out.

Anfield Forever!

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