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Klopp hoping it’s third time lucky on Sunday

Jurgen Klopp may have allowed his assistant Pep Lijnders to face the press ahead of Sunday’s League Cup Final, but the Liverpool boss is still determined to beat Chelsea at Wembley.

“We will try with everything to have a Wembley moment,” he said. “We all know that in this moment the people are really happy with this team. But in 20 years if you talk about this team, I would not be surprised if people would say, if we don’t win anything anymore: ‘Yes they were good but they should have won more.’

“That’s why we should try to win a few things now. The next chance, the best chance, is this weekend against Chelsea when it is really tricky. We can’t sit here and talk about it like it’s already ours. Chelsea just won the Club World Cup and we know how great that feels. They are desperate to put another in the trophy room.

“I had two finals and lost twice, but that is not too bad because I am a man for the third chance,” he says. “I needed a couple of runs to win the Champions League. But no bad feelings. It is a great stadium. I really love it.”

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