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Where the hell is Arne Slot?

Arne Slot officially became Liverpool head coach on 1st June and we were all expecting a press conference if not on that day then on Monday 3rd.

We were all looking forward to hearing what Jurgen Klopp‘s successor has to say about his new role and listen out for one or two soundbites to reassure us that he knows what is required and is up to the task.

However, there has been silence from the club all week, triggering gossip among fans as to why we’ve not seen photos of the man holding a club shop scarf, with the price tag still attached, aloft in front of the Spion Kop.

But don’t fret. It’s quite possible that the Dutchman has headed off on holiday after a busy season with Feyenoord.

He has been spotted out and about in Liverpool in recent weeks, but obviously hasn’t had the time to commit to the club’s media team’s customary video shoot and social media campaign just yet.

Be patient, it will happen and when it does we will all breath a massive sigh of relief as we watch Arne kitted out in the latest new club merch speaking to the press for the first time as Liverpool head coach.