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We Are Liverpool

Rather more than a quarter of a century has passed since the last time our beloved club were the number one power in this country. What a cataract of disaster has poured out upon us since then!

Meanwhile in the last few years, we have not only fortified our hearts but our Anfield also. We have rearmed and rebuilt our teams to such a degree, that which would have been deemed impossible a few years ago.

The whole of Anfield and all our support bristles against invaders, from over seas or even from our very own lands. The stronger our team will be at home, the larger the invading teams will be. And the larger the invading teams are, the less difficult will be the task of the management team in detecting its assembly and weaknesses and therefore in intercepting and destroying them in their full flow.

Why do I say all this? Not, assuredly, to boast; not, assuredly, to give the slightest countenance to complacency. The dangers we face are still enormous, but so are our advantages and resources. I recount them because the supporters have a right to know that there are solid grounds for the confidence which we feel, and that we have good reason to believe ourselves capable. We have a solid leader who, with the full backing of all within the fantastic institution that we all adore, has within a few short years transformed our illustrious club back into a major force who can challenge on all fronts.

For any historians reading this, yes I’ve blatantly robbed Sir Winston Churchill’s speech and altered it a little to suit Liverpool’s current situation. (If you’re not a historian disregard last paragraph)

We all are currently on a crest of a wave which we can all surf upon. Harder times will come but together we will conquer. I will use a phrase used by my national team to finish…

Together Stronger!

Chris Tipton

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