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Upper Anfield Road Stand – The new soul of our club?

In the last two games I have been lucky to get tickets in the late sales, and both times they were in the New Upper Anfield Road stand.

I must admit being up there was a breath of fresh air. The exercise of getting up the steps probably didn’t do me any harm either! There appeared to be a completely different demographic than other parts of the ground. A lot of younger faces – young adults and families. It seemed that everyone in there was looking for any excuse to sing our songs. Anyone could start a song, and everyone joined in.

There was little to play for in many ways against Spurs, but the Upper Annie Rd was rocking!

I’m generally either in the Kop or the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand (sorry for still wanting to call it the Kemlyn Rd..)

It seems to me that the Kop has become something of a sleeping beast that only raises its massive head when poked several times. The KD stand is similar. Probably the worst is the lower Main Stand. Again the Upper Main can have a bit of a buzz about it, possibly because, like the Upper Annie Rd, they tend not to be season ticket holders. Those who can only go to the game intermittently maybe cherish the games they can get to more and put more effort in?

Earlier this season I wrote an article called ‘Where’s your famous atmosphere?’ that is often sung by the away supporters. A bit boring and predictable I know, but maybe they have a point.

Our ‘famous atmosphere’ is paramount to our success, and surely if the youngsters in the higher stands can sing, then so can the regulars who sit on the Kop every week.

I do wonder if the atmosphere at the Atalanta game had been a bit more special then we may have got a reaction from the team.

What can be done, I wonder. They used to say the Kop sucked the ball into the net, and was worth a goal a game. Not these days I’d imagine, especially at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. A ‘can do better’ on the Kop’s school report I’d imagine.

Any ideas how we can get the place rocking again, folks?


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