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Liverpool v Norwich City – Match Preview

First game of the season. A game full of promise and expectations. Liverpool FC v Norwich City.

Not too long ago, this game would have proven to be one of the so-called “bogey” matches. Although, since Norwich’s relegation in the 15/16 season, Liverpool have taken to new heights under Jurgen Klopp. Our achievements from last season are a testimony to that claim. Champions of Europe.

The last time we faced Norwich was that game where the lead changed continuously at Carrow Road until Adam Lallana got behind a loose ball in the box and smashed in a shot. I’m sure we all remember the celebration. The entire team running and celebrating with Klopp. Absolute scenes.

Without taking anything from the incredible achievements that was Norwich in the Championship last season, I struggle to see Liverpool needing such a miracle on Friday night. It has taken a lot to get over the PTSD of the past seasons where games like this proved to be trouble. Although last season has finally put those fears to bed and replaced the same with footballing confidence.

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Together with that confidence we also have the backing of our bias battleground, Anfield. Two seasons straight now we are unbeaten in the Premier League at Anfield and it is hard to imagine this stat changing come Friday night.

Any team who claws their way out of the Championship deserve the credit as we all know how difficult it is. Norwich won’t be an easy game in the slightest. Norwich are the old guys who are back for revenge and what better way to stake your claim than a convincing performance against the Champions of Europe? Daniel Farke has done a great job transforming this Norwich side and it will be interesting to see how he approaches Anfield on Friday night.

With regard to Liverpool’s form, it will be interesting to see how we react after our defeat in the Community Shield. I know a lot of people reading this are probably thinking “It’s just the Community Shield”. Which it is. To most people this game was just a “glorified curtain raiser”, as mention to Jurgen Klopp in the pre-match press conference leading up to the game. With that said though it was more than a curtain raiser this time. This was our chance to show City, arguably our biggest rival this season, what we were about. And we did that.

Having the chance to play in a game against your direct rival just before the first game of the season is the perfect way to build confidence. Liverpool will feel like they were hard done by after an electric Salah display was watered down by a freakish goal-line clearance by Kyle Walker. But at the end of the day all we can do is learn and take those lessons into the next game. Bring on Norwich.

On the back of that second half display in the Community Shield, Liverpool will come out hungry and will want to stamp their authority on the league from the start. After only losing one game last season and still missing the title, it proves that each game is massive. Regardless of whether the opponent was mewly promoted. No easy teams. No easy wins. We need to win every game.

Let’s start with Norwich City. Let’s do this.


Thomas Schembri

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