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Liverpool Ravaged By Hungry Wolves

A performance that went from bad to worse, was epitomised by Liverpool conceding a third goal, following a third consecutive corner, when Klopp’s men failed to beat the first man. Ironically, for much of the second half, prior to Wolves making the game safe on the counter-attack, Liverpool were the better side, but a lack of quality, composure and luck, thwarted any chance of an unlikely comeback.

A fortnight ago, when Liverpool were beaten 3-0 by Brighton, it was a rancid performance from beginning to end. This 3-0 defeat, whilst just as damaging to rapidly fading hopes of a top-four finish, perhaps only reached such depths, in an opening fifteen minutes when the game was lost, by falling two behind. No intensity, purpose or energy again contributed to Allison having to collect the ball from his net so quickly after kick-off, with only Bajcetic in a red shirt beyond criticism. Wolves, hungry from the first whistle, simply mauled Liverpool and proved, as so many teams before them have done, that this Liverpool team, a pale imitation of their former selves, are simply too easy to play through.

Keita and Thiago were again ineffective, whilst the defence, hesitant and fragile, look completely incapable of bringing authority or calm to proceedings. This leaves a forward line, lacking goals, and in the case of Gapko and Nunez, experience, unable to bring any respite. If only we had an imminent transfer window to address some of the problems.

So, two down with forty-five minutes remaining, Liverpool began to play some football. Of course, it’s relatively easy to play when losing, but despite plenty of possession, and finding themselves in positions that in the past would almost certainly have led to a goal, Liverpool couldn’t find the back of the Wolves net. In fact, almost inevitably, it was Wolves who scored, and in so doing, put any lingering doubts about the destination of the points, to bed.

Mid-table, with an Anfield derby on the horizon, and Real Madrid in the Champions League, things could get worse before they get better. Klopp, under pressure like never before, must wonder what to do next. FSG, who have clearly decided to sell up, have also clearly decided to give up. What other explanation for a January transfer window that seems to have been viewed as an obstacle, rather than an opportunity. It’s going to be a bumpy ride between now and the end of the season.