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Is it right to cancel the parade?

It looks like Liverpool FC have scrapped the plans for an end of season parade around the city, but was that the right decision?

The club had plans in place for such an event, agreed in advance with Liverpool City Council.

However, after losing out on the chance to win the FA Cup, Europa Cup and now also the Premier League, it has been decided to cancel.

It would have been an underwhelming event seeing Jurgen Klopp and the squad passing around the League Cup trophy on an open-top bus. It’s certainly not something we would have done if that was the only silverware we had won in a normal season, but this season is different and many were looking forward to giving Klopp the farewell he deserves for bringing glory back to the club.

Instead, we expect there to be an extra special end of season celebration after the final whistle of the Wolves game at Anfield on 19th May.

As usual, the players’ families will join them in a lap of honour and maybe a few toddler penalties at the Kop end, but emotions will be high and, if Jurgen’s farewell to Borussia Dortmund is anything to go by, a few tears will be shed too.

Mosaics have become the norm on the Kop in recent years but, while they look impressive for the cameras, the impact has worn off. Instead, let’s see all the flags, banners and scarves held high and cheer those fist bumps for one last time.

Danke Jurgen!