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Welcome to Liverpool, Arne Slot

New head coach Arne Slot has finally been unveiled by Liverpool Football Club.

Straight away, he explained the delay in the arrival.

“I think it is because of a few reasons,” he said. “First and foremost, maybe the farewell of Jurgen, which was really special from what I saw.

“It was on the same day I left Feyenoord as well but I did see a few things and afterwards there was even a few more farewells from what I saw, so I think it was fair to him and to the club and to the supporters to wait a bit and then to come in.

“Apart from that, I went on holiday as you probably can see! And yeah, I think now is a good moment to arrive here and talk to you.

“But let’s be clear, I don’t start today, I’ve been in a lot of contact with staff members already, from people who are working here to the new staff members that are coming in, and of course almost every day Richard [Hughes] and me are calling each other because we have to talk.

“This is also a very important phase for the new season, to make sure the team is ready, and we have to play in the pre-season. So, a lot of things have been done but more in the background.”

When asked about the new ‘head coach’ role, he added: “For me, it is normal because this is the way it is in Europe and in Holland. I don’t think there is much of a change between a head coach and a manager, it’s just that by being a head coach I can go in fully to the things I would like to do.

“So, work with the team, prepare the team in the best possible way, and me and Richard are going to work together when it comes to transfers but not only the two of us – there is a big backroom staff included in this as well.

“I think for me it is the way I have worked always and it for me is the ideal way of working because I can use the most of my time by working with the team and the time that is left will probably be a bit for the family and a bit to talk with Richard about how we can strengthen the team. But we already have a really strong team.”

And finally, a message to the fans…

“There is a change but the change hopefully isn’t that big, because we still have the same players, we still have the same fans and. if the both of them are going to do the same job, that will make my life a lot more easy!

“I’m expecting them to show up again in the upcoming season, and the same for the players. I will do everything within my interest and power to lead the team in the best possible way.”

Watch the official interview in full here…