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Salah admits his confidence is sky high at the moment

Mo Salah scored one of the best ever Premier League goals at Watford on Saturday, but remains as humble as ever when asked about the result and the quality of his play at the moment.

“I think all the goals were very important, Bobby did a great job and scored a hat-trick so congratulations to him, Sadio scored a nice goal, all of them were important,” Salah said after the 5-0 win.

“I don’t know which goal was better, that one or the City one. Every time I’m in the box I’m either trying to give the ball for someone to score, or I score myself, it’s always for the team.

“We scored good goals, all of us in front, and hopefully we can all carry on like that. I’m confident at the moment.

“Hopefully we can win the league and go for the Champions League. It’s important for a club like Liverpool to fight for everything.”

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