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Pep says Reds need to show more character against City

Liverpool assistant manager Pep Lijnders spells out what Liverpool need to do to turn around their form ahead of Sunday’s game against Manchester City.

“The one thing we have to improve as quickly as possible is that we have to show more character,” Jurgen Klopp‘s right-hand man told the Echo.

“I don’t mean individual character because that’s easy, each player can put his character onto the pitch, but as a team more character. We know we can do better, we will do better in the next games and we will focus on that.

“Every team will have these phases in a season like this where the games just keep coming and keep coming and it’s difficult to turn around.

“It’s also the season we are in. You cannot prepare the team in the way you can when you have four days leading up to a game. It is not easy to correct things. We try, of course, but you don’t have this time, so you have to try at the same time to create stability.”