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New Liverpool chief excited by his new role

Billy Hogan has replaced Peter Moore as Liverpool CEO, but vows to do his best in difficult circumstances to support Jurgen Klopp and his team as they prepare to retain the Premier League and win more silverware this season.

“The mantra, as most people know, is that this is about trying to create a sustainable business, a sustainable club, so it’s really my job to continue to run the organisation as efficiently as we can, to support the team,” he told the official site. “Clearly we’re in a great position, obviously an amazing last couple of seasons, in particular this past season with all the success on the pitch.

“We’ve obviously got incredibly solid foundations but these are uncertain times, so we’ve got to manage through that uncertainty. It has been a difficult last five or six months since we went into lockdown, but I think the great news is that the team, both on and off the pitch, has been able to work through that.

“This is an amazing football club and I’ve been blown away by the size and scale of the fan base, the passion of the fan base, since the moment I started working with Liverpool and also been amazed at the incredible passion of the people that work for the football club. Over eight years, we’ve gone through some difficult times and obviously right now we’re experiencing some amazing success on the pitch.

“My goal is to continue that as well as I possibly can. We’ll continue to pursue trophies, that’s really what our focus is. Clearly, as we are in a very difficult time with the pandemic, really what I’m focused on is continuing to drive the off-the-pitch business to support Jurgen, Michael and what we’re doing on the pitch, and to pursue success on the pitch, but also the importance of the club’s role in the community off the pitch. And during what’s going to be challenging times ahead, we want to make sure we’re supporting off the pitch in the community as well. So, I’m incredibly excited.”

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