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More Mbappe madness

It won’t go away and, if anything, the rumours appear to be gathering momentum.

Last week we reported on the resurrection of the Kylian Mbappe to Liverpool transfer news that has been around for over a year now.

The article was intended as a dig about the ridiculous Express story suggesting that PSG are willing to offload Mbappe for the misfiring Harry Kane, but many missed the nuance and proceeded to lose their cool on social media, shouting ‘clickbait’ in typical kneejerk style. We found it most amusing.

A week on and the rumours are still here, reported by even more sources, some of which we consider reliable, the official club site included.

Mbappe has asked to leave PSG and, despite there being no evidence to the contrary, we are once again trying to join the dots, adding two and two and getting six.

“I know that Mbappe asked to leave, but it is complicated because first you have to find a club that has the money to pay him, but the news is that he really does not want to stay,” reported Marca.

“The player does not believe in Leonardo’s project. If he does not leave this summer, it will be for free next season. And in Doha they do not want to hear about it. If Mbappe expresses this desire to leave, it means that he will have to find a club and that PSG will need to look for a replacement. But yes, the news is that Mbappe does not want to stay at PSG.”

Liverpool’s owners FSG have been reluctant to spend big recently and Real Madrid remain favourites for Mbappe’s signature, but don’t let that stand in the way of a good story.

Bring on the kneejerks…

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