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Matip is never satisfied

Joel Matip is his own biggest critic and constantly strives to improve, he reveals ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League clash with Porto on Wednesday night.

“Usually, I’m very critical about my own performances, I’m never really satisfied with myself,” the Liverpool defender told the official site. “If I had to make a list of things I’d improve about myself, we’d be here for a long time.

“So, I’m never really satisfied. But you have to view everything within the right context. I’m far from a perfectionist, but neither am I ever satisfied. I think that’s a good way to improve yourself because satisfaction is not, if you look at it that way.

“Of course, you have to be happy with what you’re doing. Not everything always works, but you have to keep trying and have the bravery to try things that maybe didn’t work before, or where you are not as confident.

“You have to improve and ask yourself what you can do to improve even more. There is nothing about myself where I’d say, ‘You are perfect at this, you don’t have to work on that anymore.’ That’s not how I work.”

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