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Klopp wants to ease Van Dijk and Gomez in gently

Jurgen Klopp will reintroduce Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez cautiously, as the two Liverpool defenders return to full fitness ahead of the new season.

“I want to make it really clear, we push nothing,” the Liverpool boss told the official site. “We just don’t.

“We wait a little bit, the players come, we have now with Dr Andreas Schlumberger a real specialist who is in constant talks and always observing everything.

“We know exactly how they feel – how they really feel and not what they tell us because they obviously are desperate to play again.

“It looks good, this morning normal training session. Sometimes in moments we swap Virgil and Joe a little bit so maybe the intensity doesn’t get too high, but in general it looks really good.

When asked if the pair will feature in Thursday’s back-to-back friendlies with Bologna on Thursday, Klopp added:

“How many minutes on Thursday, I don’t know but there will be some minutes for sure.”