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Gibson Brother loves Liverpool fans’ Thiago song

It didn’t take Liverpool fans long to come up with a song for new signing Thiago Alcantara.

Based on the 70’s disco classic Cuba by the Gibson Brothers, the new song and accompanying hilarious video were soon all over social media.

The writer of the original song, Chris Francfort loves it.

“I was very honoured that Liverpool fans chose our song to celebrate such a great player like Thiago Alcantara,” he said. “Basically we wrote Cuba to bring fun, joy and to make people dance, but the transfer of an excellent player is also happiness, so it fits very well the mood of the song.

“Liverpool is a very famous club and moreover it’s The Beatles’ city, of which I’m a big fan. I love it and I also really like the video.”

Click here to watch the video for Cuba, by the Gibson Brothers

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