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Firmino happy to stay at Liverpool for years to come

Roberto Firmino has quelled speculation that he could be the next Brazilian out of the door at Anfield, by insisting he is happy and wants to remain with the club for the long-term.

This his his third season at the club, since his arrival from Hoffenheim in June 2015, and he has already scored 19 goals so far this season.

“Liverpool are one of the greats in Europe and being able to be part of the history of such a great club is gratifying to me,” said the 26-year-old forward.

“I work hard every day to give my best and I believe that the fans, the coaching staff and the board recognise my delivery by wearing that shirt.

“I’m very happy here at Liverpool and I do not see myself out of that club for years to come. I believe I am living one of the best phases of my career and I owe much to the trust that the club has placed in me from the beginning.

“I feel very good here in Liverpool. I am very adapted to the city, the club, and the warmth I receive from the fans makes me even happier with the work we are producing and all this support makes me even more willing to conquer great things wearing the shirt of Liverpool.”