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Alisson frustrated with Liverpool form

Alisson Becker says Liverpool need to ‘wake up’ if they are to regain their form, after yet another dismal performance on Saturday.

The 3-0 defeat at Wolves means the club have now lost three consecutive Premier League away games for the first time since 2012.

“Sometimes in football you make mistakes and you get punished,” the Brazilian keeper told the BBC. “We did that again and again. Two mistakes, two goals at the beginning of the game. We are making things hard for ourselves.

“After that we did a great second half. We could have done better on the third goal but it is a good moment from the opponent. I don’t know what we need to happen to us to wake up.

“We come here, say we have to believe in ourselves but we don’t act like that on the pitch or deserve that. Again, we have to put this behind us and take strength from ourselves and families to bounce back.

“I think everyone believes they are capable of doing these things it is that you have to fight for that. A game of 90-plus minutes you have to do it consistently for the whole game.

“We showed today you can get punished for 15 minutes and that’s what happened to us. We have the same players who achieved so many great things at this club and we are not performing well. It’s difficult to say why.

“I’m not saying I don’t trust we can’t bounce back. I’m just so disappointed about tonight’s game. We have to keep working.”